b. 2018
birch plywood, woolfelt, polyester
dimension: 45”W x 45”L x 17”H

NEST is a chair constructed of birch plywood and manufactured by CNC machine. The soft tentacles shape is made from wool felt and filled with polyester, they can be freely combinate by the user, various options of color could also be provided. No hardware for assembly of this chair and everything is pack flat so that users can easily disassemble this furniture for shipping purpose.

The main idea behind this design was to create a furniture piece that would provide a space for people to unplug and disconnect from the noisy outside world and be able to enjoy their mindfulness, peace and the moment.

Detachable and hardware free are two main design elements that I focused on while I was thinking. After experiments and calculation, the joint of each component can be tightly locked with another part. To disassemble it with just brute force is impossible.

NEST consists of 19 parts. Every piece is polished with care and applied with the beeswax as finishes. Each piece is smooth to touch. Coupled with easy-to-operate assembly steps, although the overall structure is solid and heavy, it can be easily assembled by anyone.

🛠️ process🛠️