004_hexagon mirror

plywood, metal, mirror, india ink
dimension: 18”W x 18”L x 6”H

I was in a peculiar building, looking for a toilet.
I found it!
It was an odd toilet, as big as a bathtub and covered with pool-like pale blue tiles. Where the tank should have been was a massive aquarium with a shark in it and a duck floating on the water. I seemed to think it was normal.
I really want to use the toilet, but I don't know if I should sit on it. Several women who looked like nurses came and pushed me away to show me how to use the toilet correctly.
When they looked back, I realized they looked the same.
They ended up sitting together on the edge of the bathtub-shaped toilet, looking at me altogether, with those copy-pasted faces.
This is truly a strange dream…

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