005_mushrooms bed

fabric, horse hair, metal spring, wood, cotton padding, webbing, upholstery foam
dimension: 39”W x 23”L x 18”H

I dreamed that my bed was uncomfortable.
In my dream, I toss and turn, toss and turn. It's still terrible, even a little dizzy.
I was very annoyed, so I jumped up. I scared Troy, and he was playing the League of Legends in the 2K, weird.
He stopped playing. He ran over to me to check my bed cause he was afraid that I might get angry. When he lifted up the sheets, I found mushrooms! They look so colorful and delicious.
Troy tried to help me pull out the mushrooms, but I stopped him. Instead of that, I invited him to lie down with me.
It's not surprising. The mushrooms are so comfortable to lay on! I felt as if the mushrooms were sucking me in, enveloping me, as if I had turned into liquid and kept falling down.
I did not notice when Troy disappeared.

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